Three bespoke storage ideas and their benefits

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A beautifully crafted bespoke storage solution can look incredible and increase the functional space in your home or office.

Custom-made furniture, from wardrobes to bookcases, are created to precisely fit the space they’re being designed for. Bespoke options allow you to pick the style and finishes you need to fit the space you have, impeccably.

At Orocco, we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dalkeith. This means we can craft bespoke joinery solutions for commercial and residential properties while using the finest materials.

We’ve put together three storage ideas and their benefits to inspire you to think about your space differently.

One: Walk-in wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is your own personal space to feel calm and inspired. Plan a custom, eye-catching walk-in wardrobe with joinery experts at Orocco and maximise your space.

The benefits of a walk-in wardrobe include:

  • More storage space: Freestanding, shop-bought wardrobes leave unused space that you could be utilising for additional storage. You might find that there are gaps beneath the ceiling or at either side of the wardrobe. In comparison, bespoke bedroom wardrobes are specially designed to use every inch of space available. This means you gain more storage and space to make it your own.
  • Organised clothing: The great thing about a bespoke walk-in wardrobe is that you can design a space that’s completely organised for your needs. From rails to shoe storage and shelves to belt hangers, you can position and add the details you want to have. Most freestanding furniture, in comparison, does not offer this flexibility.
  • Tailored solutions: Personalised wardrobe space is designed to match your exact requirements. This means that it’s possible to build storage solutions into awkward spaces, from sloping eaves to alcoves and corner spaces. 

At Orocco, our bespoke furniture is manufactured in-house, meaning style and quality is at the core of each and every project.

Two: Understair storage

If you’re struggling to find storage space in your home, it might be worth considering your understair space. You can boost storage while adding character to your home.

This area is often ineffectively used, but there are lots of innovative ideas on utilising this deceptively spacious area.

The benefits of understair storage include:

  • Custom-made pantry: Kitchen space can become tight when you start buying appliances, utensils, and numerous spices. You can transform your under-stair space into a well-organised pantry. By installing a tall door, shelving, and storage solutions, you’ll find yourself with a new home for your jars, sauces, and pots.
  • A place for pets: If you have a pet, creating a little ‘den’ for him/her under the stairs is a great way to increase your space while giving them a cosy space, too. 
  • Custom-made drawers: Transform your understairs space into a storage haven. Deep drawers and cupboards can give you an abundance of new space to play with.

Considering what can be done with your understair space? Contact Orocco for a free chat about bespoke solutions.

Three: Built-in shelves and bookcases

Storage is necessary to keep your home from getting too cluttered. Thoughtfully designed storage can improve the shape and function of interior spaces.

While there is no shortage of cheaply made bookshelves, built-in bespoke bookcases and snugs can elevate your space and home interiors.

The benefits of a bespoke bookcase created by Orocco include:

  • Create a cosy environment: Built-in shelving can be used to frame your space and create a cosy ‘reading nook’ environment. 
  • Display your personality: Bookshelves provide the best space to put your personality on display. Share the items that reflect your interests, from classic novels to record collections.
  • Enhance your space: Smaller rooms can greatly benefit from a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. If you’re cramped for space, dedicate a wall to a new built-in bookcase or some free-floating shelves. 

Bespoke joinery manufacturing

From custom reception desks and bespoke storage solutions to fitted wardrobes, bookshelves, kitchens and doors, we can manufacture and fit furniture tailored to your needs. Contact the Orocco team to discuss the best ways to enhance storage in your property.

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