Orocco Moves to Four-Day Week

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This month we have made a major change within the industry by implementing a universal four-day working week.

The forward thinking move is the result of a consultation we had with our 42-strong workforce and it’s believed that we’re one of the first construction companies in Scotland if not the UK to adopt this new working model.

Our company, which specialises in high-end building and renovation projects, also includes our bespoke joinery manufacturing workshop MadeByOrocco as part of its core business, and in recent years has expanded to include Trinity Decorating Services within our portfolio. Our full team of skilled trades, painters and decorators, and office staff are all set to take up the new four-day week from May 2021.

The change to their working week will see all employees working compressed full time hours Monday to Thursday, giving them Fridays off and a longer weekend. For the client, there will be no reduction in the total number of hours spent on a project each week.

The idea behind the change is to boost employee wellbeing and to improve work/life balance. Already an established model in Europe, more flexible patterns of working look set to become a growth trend here in the UK too. Orocco hopes to reflect the recent shift in working patterns which are already being seen across many other workforce sectors.

The new four-day working week model offers several well-documented benefits. Not only does it reduce a business’s carbon footprint, but it’s also been shown to increase productivity, as well as improving staff happiness and reducing stress. For our team within Orocco, MadeByOrocco and Trinity Decorating Services, will offer our employees more flexibility to work around home life or childcare responsibilities.

Managing director Mark Ivinson explains

When we spoke to staff after the recent changes that the Covid-19 pandemic had brought to our working lives, it became clear that people enjoyed having that extra time at home, either to catch up on home projects or to spend more time with loved ones. We listened and wanted to make a permanent change to how we work

Mark Ivinson

The benefits of better working patterns on mental health and wellbeing are increasingly being promoted. Our team at Orocco clearly believe the timing is right to introduce a four-day week. Joint managing director Jonny Blurton adds

We hope that this pioneering move by Orocco will lead the way for change within the construction industry

Jonny Blurton

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