Five inspirational cabinet colour ideas for your bespoke kitchen

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Choosing the right colour palette for your kitchen can feel a little overwhelming. But, who says that bespoke kitchens need to be bland and clinical looking? 


Adding colour to your kitchen is a great way to add your own unique style and personality. 


We’ve put together five colour ideas for your kitchen cabinets that we think showcase how great a little bit of colour can be.


Number one: Beige and neutral colours



We know what you’re thinking. Beige. Bland. Boring. But, stick with us. Strong, warm beige cabinet colours have been an emerging trend since 2019. Soft hues are in and designers are pairing this colour palette with beautiful minimalist fixtures and decor.


The great thing about beige is its versatility. You can pair it with bold colours, such as green and blue for accentuated pops, or go for a softer look with rose and white.


Beige is one of the key interior trends for 2020. It’s rapidly gaining traction and becoming a chic alternative for design enthusiasts who usually end up being early adopters of the most promising interior trends.

Number two: Blue



Another big colour trend for 2020 is blue. Go bold and bright with blue to add a modern flair to your kitchen.


When selecting a shade, there are literally hundreds to choose from. We recommend a shade that has a darker, cooler tone to save it from overpowering your kitchen space. It might be a deep blue, like navy, or a subdued blue, like a grey-blue. 


Blue is another great colour for pairing with highlight colours, such as yellow, green, and beige.


Check out this blue kitchen we installed for a previous client.


Number three: Wood



Okay, so we know that ‘wood’ might not be a colour per se. But, the natural warmth of a wooden style can bring a natural feel to your kitchen space.


Natural textures and various shades of wood mean that you can pair with almost any colour of cabinetry and accent tones. 


Mismatched wooden kitchens have seen a huge growth in trend, where bottom cabinets might have a different look/shade to upper cabinets.


What do you think of the wooden elements we brought to this kitchen in Duddingston, Edinburgh?

Number four: Grey



Known for their modern urban appeal, grey kitchens are perfect for flexible designs and colourful accessories.


Not only can grey work in a contemporary setting, but it’s also great for traditional kitchens, such as farmhouse-style and chic-traditional-style kitchens.


It’s one of the most popular neutrals around and can also be used as a neutral backdrop for statement pieces and highlight tones.


Pair it with wood or bold colours such as blue for a truly modern feel.

Five: Purple



It might not be the first colour you think of, but purple has made a strong comeback with homeowners in recent years.


When designed carefully, adding this bold colour to your kitchen can add style and glamour to your cooking space.


Pair purple with lighter colours, such as white and grey for a modern look that’s classy and comfortable.


Ready to start designing your new handmade kitchen? Contact the team at Orocco for more tips and advice on colours to suit your style and to book an appointment.

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