Extending your house to make way for a home office

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Need to work from home? These home office tips will make sure you can create a productive space.

Nailing your home office design is so important if you need space to work in your house.

For something that was once regarded as a luxury, a home office is now a must-have for many of us who find it necessary to work from home – most especially in recent times.

Finding a space that creates a productive atmosphere without interruptions can be difficult in your home. However, if you have spare attic space, a garage that isn’t being utilised, or space outside for an extension or outbuilding, we might just have the solution for you.

Start by thinking about the purpose of your home office. If you’re going to be working in there on a daily basis, it might be worth creating a different feel from the rest of your rooms may to help you focus.

Whether it’s a dedicated extension, a built-for-purpose garden room, or a small study space with big ambition in your attic, our team at Orocco can help.

How to create the best home office layout

Grey chair at wooden desk with books and desktop computer in bright freelancer’s interior. Real photo

Sun-filled working spaces will positively affect performance and the same is true if your windows face a picturesque, calming scene. For this reason, many home workers now opt for contemporary-looking structures that benefit from expansive glazing.

Think about the health-supporting characteristics of the materials you use, too. For instance, building with timber that has been treated with eco-friendly, non-toxic finishes can drastically improve the quality of your space.

Here are our top things to consider when choosing the right space for your home office:

  • Atmosphere: light, air quality, and temperature
  • Layout: space utilisation and allocation
  • Amenities: ergonomics and area to rest
  • Noise: avoiding high sound levels
  • Energy: reducing the use of resources and waste
  • Design: colour, shape, details, and style

You’ll want to avoid issues such as screen glare, so it’s usually best to position your work station/desk against a window.

Loft conversion for home office space

The loft or attic of a home is often used just to store unused items. But did you know that changing this area into a living space can be one of the best ways to add value to your home? 

You may not need to get planning permission, but you’ll need to check your plans with your chosen builder or loft conversion specialist to be sure.

A loft conversion can be done within the existing roof space or you can remove sections of the roof to extend out and create additional headspace.

Garage conversion for home office space

Table with laptop in home office interior

Do you have a garage? Are you making full use of the potential of this space? You could maximise the use of the garage space in your home. 

  • You can choose to build on top of the garage. The benefit of this extension idea is that you keep your garage space. Adding above the garage can add a nice size bedroom with an en suite bathroom. This also increases the size of your upstairs living space without extending into your garden.
  • Choose to convert the internal space of your garage. You will need to find a new space for the lawnmower, but you can add value to your home by upgrading how you use your garage. With an increase in people working from home, converting your garage to a home office will add extra functionality that future buyers will be looking for.

House extension for home office space

It might have become possible or necessary for you to work from home, but a desk in the living room or your bedroom can have a real negative impact on ‘work-life balance’.  

Having an office space, or similar, where you can close the door at the end of the day and only return to during working hours means that your home can remain your home and doesn’t just turn into your new place of work.

Extending your home can take many different forms. You might be able to extend upwards, or from the side, back, or front of your home.

Ready to start your house extension in Edinburgh?

Contact the Orocco team by calling 0131 661 7979 or email info@orocco.co.uk to arrange a consultation with our team of experts.

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