Construction Works

Orocco has years of experience in delivering quality high-end construction projects. With expertise in providing client teams with best-quality construction solutions, in demanding environments to very tight time scales we particularly excel in providing a tailored construction service on technically complex projects.

Orocco is passionate about construction. Our years of industry experience means that we understand the entire process inside out and we vow to deliver our clients an unrivalled personal service during each stage of the project, be it in your home or your investment. 

Whether you are looking to increase your living space or work premises, Orocco will help you to achieve just that, offering stylish, elegant solutions and using our finest trades and craftsmen. From initial planning and design through to finish, Orocco will take the stress out of what might feel like the most complex of projects.

As part of the building project process, Orocco takes care of all necessary design work, planning applications, engineering calculations and site inspections. We source top quality build materials, obtain the necessary safety certificates, co-ordinate and manage fully insured on-site work teams and provide interior designs with top quality materials, finishes and furnishings.